Install A Personally Designed System

Let HIS Heating and Air install a complete high efficiency heating and cooling system in your home, on schedule and on budget. We are an authorized dealer for many of the brands you are familiar with such as Carrier, Lennox, Trane, York and others.

Here’s how we do things.

Just give us a call, and our office will schedule a time to meet with you (and your other half) at your home. You can tell us about all of your current comfort concerns.

A WHOLE HOUSE ENERGY AUDIT (a $400 analysis at No Charge to you).

A Certified Energy Auditor will measure your entire home and determine the proper amount of BTU’s for the right size equipment, room by room. Then he’ll convert the BTU’s to the amount of airflow required for each room.


The airflow will be measured so we know which rooms have comfort issues and most importantly, determine how much duct leakage is present. You need to know how much energy ($$$) you’re wasting. Once we have the actual data, we can make specific, intelligent recommendations. We’ll take all the guess work out of choosing and installing your residential comfort system, We’ll explain it in easy to understand language.

It takes us more time and energy to do this, but it’s the only way to ensure that you’ll be comfortable and get the system you want and deserve. Then we’ll give you a written guarantee of how much $$ you’ll save. 

All of our prices are available when we visit, so when we’re done testing, we go to the pricing that applies to your home’s requirements. You remain in control of choosing the system that fits your lifestyle. You can pick the equipment, the options and warranties based on your specific wants, needs and desires. When we’re done, all we ask for in exchange for our time and energy spent is that you’ll let us know if you like what we’re showing you, you see the benefits of what we’re recommending and whether or not we can get it on schedule to get it done…

Is that fair enough?


Once the work is completed, we will conduct the testing again to verify that you’re getting what you paid for. That the duct leakage has been corrected, you now have the correct volume of air in each room for a comfortable, well balanced and highly efficient system. And later, if there needs to be adjustments, we’ll come back and do them at no charge.

Call now (864) 395-2400 to schedule your free, personal design estimate.