Allergies – Dust – High Utility Bills – Hot/Cold Spots?

Free Energy Analysis

Let us find the source of these problems. We offer a free in-home energy analysis. A certified home energy rater will analyze your home Heating and Air Conditioning system (a $500 Test) at no charge to you.

They will use specialized equipment to measure your home’s air flow in each room, as well as the full system returns.

Each room of your entire home will be measured and sized. A manual J calculation will be made to determine what airflow is required for each room, as well as your entire home needs.

This testing will reveal how your HVAC system is actually performing and how much air is being lost to the crawlspace or attic, the areas you don’t want to spend money heating or cooling.

If any changes or tweaks are needed to make your system and home more energy efficient, recommendations will by made at that time.

We offer this as a free service to you, and this is one of many offerings that sets us apart from our competitors. We don’t know of anyone else locally qualified to perform this testing, much less offering this service to their customers free of charge.

Call now to schedule for your free analysis – (864) 395-2400