25 Years of Geothermal Experience

HIS Heating and Air has been installing and servicing Geothermal systems more than 25 years, before most HVAC companies even knew the word geothermal existed. We drilled and installed OPEN systems using supply and return wells with water well pumps (submersibles, convertibles and jets), pressure tanks and solenoid valve controls.

geothermal_greenville_scWith technological improvements over the years, closed loop systems have become more reliable. Today, we are circulating (instead of pumping) the same fluid year over year with a fractional horsepower pump (using a very small amount of energy) through a Polyethylene piping system.

We can install a variety of loop configurations; Vertical, Horizontal or Slinky. We design your system depending on your specific location, loop requirements and land availability (or lack thereof.)

We can handle every aspect of your project from design, equipment and manufacturer selection, installation, start-up, service and maintenance.

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